The Beginning of WYNK Wear.

In October 2003, photographer and advertising agency owner, Sean Francis Martin went to Vietnam on assignment to photograph and write a story about Vietnam for the magazine he owned and published. 

Vietnam had always been of interest to Sean Martin as he grew up in the era of the Vietnam War watching newsreels and seeing the images in magazines such as Life Magazine. While shooting a fashion story with renowned designer Si Hoang, he saw the other side of Vietnam’s culture and learned about the county’s fashion and design industry. This was the beginning of what today has evolved into WYNK Wear International.

“Vietnam had always left a powerful impression on me,” says Martin, “and to this day it still fascinates me.” The country’s art, culture, design and charm all played a part of his decision to work with local talents and influences to create a line of high quality active wear.

After spending three weeks on location in Ho Chi Minh City and learning about the country and its people, he returned to publish the story. Later he was drawn back by the fascination and mystery of Vietnam. In 2004 a representative office in Vietnam was formed, a production facility established and the development of the WYNK Wear brand began.

Main Introduction

Developed as a brand of high quality clothing with clean design lines and quality fabrics, WYNK Wear offers a full line of woman’s, men’s and children’s sportswear, yoga wear and dance wear. By maintaining quality control from the beginning to the end of the process, WYNK creates a line of clothing that is comfortable and multipurpose but also functional and affordable—one that not only works well in the gym or studio as fitness wear, but can also be worn as, or worn with, street clothing.

WYNK works with both North American and Vietnamese designers in order to develop a distinctive clothing line that blends contemporary Western fashion with the traditional comfort and style prevalent in Asian clothing design.

WYNK Wear releases new designs not just by season but on a regular basis to meet new demands and offers new looks year round.

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 One of our advantages is that we employ full-time designers and own and operate our own factory allowing us full control from design to production.

Unlike other brands, we do not out-source production and can offer limited quantities and change our designs as needed. You will never be out of inventory or have a product that is no longer offered as we manufacture to order. Older styles, current, new designs all can be ordered even if from one of previous catalogs.

In our custom apparel division WYNK Wear International offers a direct approach to meeting the needs of the custom apparel market. We have complete control over the manufacturing and sourcing of our products and materials. This enables us to fulfill any size order, large or small.

Let WYNK assist you with your imprinting, embroidery, logo design or placement and any custom requirements to achieve the best final result.

Products including jackets, wind suits, team shirts, jerseys, golf wear, yoga wear, hoodies, bags and accessories are branded under a registered name of WYNK Wear International or can even be private labeled.  We work with teams and sport organizations and even offer custom design services to assist you with your latest ideas or requirements.

We control the whole process and are proud to be making our clothes in Vietnam. At WYNK, we care about our customers needs and work with our staff in Vietnam to create a high quality product. Wynk is more than a brand, it’s philosophy, and a style set us apart.

Today WYNK Wear is available through its retail division, distributors, wholesalers or select retail shops and by online or catalog ordering. Franchise opportunities are available, offering a turnkey solution to retailing for those interested in an enticing retail venture.

Vietnam is also intertwined into WYNK’s identity, with Vietnamese models employed to assist in positioning the company’s unique brand. “We strive to acquaint our customers with the style and culture of Asia and also eliminate the idea that seems to be stuck in Western peoples’ minds that Vietnam is a poor undeveloped country.

“Times have changed and Vietnam is no longer the war-torn poverty stricken country it once was”, says Martin.

WYNK’s marketing materials feature famous models, actresses, TV personalities and popular singers as a way of bringing a bit of extraverted Vietnamese culture and flavor to WYNK’s customers.

Martin still shoots fashion for local Vietnamese fashion magazines allowing him to stay abreast of developing trends, up and coming designers and local talent.

Our Staff in Vietnam are like family. We strive to make their work environment a pleasant one and we take pride in the fact that we provide a better life for them in their rapidly developing country.